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Get wild and playful!

Nal Safari offers 5 well-appointed guest rooms wherein you can feel the generous extension of boundless nature around you. The rooms are perfectly set for romantic couple and a family overnights with subtle interiors and beautiful ambience.

So, next time when you list out your getaway spots, let Nal Safari be your first and the last!


Celebrate everyday!

Nal Safari boasts of an air-conditioned banquet hall which can comfortably accommodate around 100 guests. With good hospitality, you are sure to receive endless compliments from your guests for any kind of event organized.

It’s all about luscious cuisine, state-of-the-art structures and courteous service at Nal Safari!


Let’s get into nature and feel its bliss!

No matter, whether it is a formal or an informal event, the well manicured garden at Nal Safari can make it special everytime. With a well set stage and the capacity for around 1000 guests, every occasion goes perfect.

The garden poses as the favourite venue for your little kids who just want to go wild whenever and wherever they are!


As the name itself suggests, Tamu Chakula is a Swahili phrase meaning ‘delicious food’.

Tamu Chakula is a pure veg restaurant in Nal Safari which is interiored with African theme and caters multi-cuisine for all those people who are truly in love with fresh flavours. With the decent capacity for around 50 to 100 guests, Tamu Chakula offers special picnic packages to those guests who look for quality weekends with their friends and family.

Herein at Tamu Chakula, you are assured of great food served by passionate hands.


Get going…its boating time!

If you are at Nal Safari, you cannot miss that 1Km lovable stretch of dream-like water body. Those men would drive you through the most intriguing wilderness of Nal Safari waters wherein you are sure to witness the ecstatic beauty of blooming flowers, aquatic plant-life and the exotic species of beautiful birds.

Its fun to sway into a boat amidst the fountains and below the bridges.

Children Park

Let them be themselves!

With a funfull atmosphere around them, your children are surely promised with the best time of their childhood. The childrens park at Nal Safari is well equipped with all the swings that are desired by your kids. slides, see-saws, park climbers, integrated play systems, duck caraousal and many more swings are there to enthuse your child to the core.

It’s completely a kids’ zone.

Swimming Pool

Let’s go for aqua fun!!!

Now, here is something mighty real at Nal Safari with water all around. In here, you can have fun while swimming or if you are really passionate about dance, just swirl around with your friends in rain dance and below the water fall. Whatever it is, Nal Safari promises you with excitement and thrill at its very best.

So splash up everywhere!


Everything is there for everyone!

Games at Nal Safari comprise of all those your favourite stuff with tenis table, chess, and carom being in the top list. So, you can definitely compete with your friends in the fullest of your spirits and give them a shot. Those of you who like to exercise their brains, your chess board is already waiting for you there.

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